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When you have to make a good cappuccino the choice of the milk is very important.
There are many products that you can use like cow milk, goat milk, plant milk or you can use some powder options when you don’t have time to buy a fresh product.
The majority of the nutrients are the same but they are present in different amounts.

Powder Milk
Powder milk is made from fresh milk dehydrated and pasteurized. The process is to let the milk evaporate and make it dry, this procedure helps the powder to last longer. This procedure is important because during the shelf life you won’t need a refrigerator. This is a good option for those that can’t have a fresh milk stock during the year.
Powder milk usually lasts 18 month, contains twentyone standard amino acid, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Fresh Milk
Fresh milk has a superior taste and flavour compared to powder one and contains more B5 and B12 vitamins, phosphorus and selenium.
Full-fat milk is the barista’s best friend when in cappuccino’s preparation. Since it has 4% of fats, it’s perfect to whip the foam easily.
Fresh milk has a better taste and a quantity of nutrients thas is much higher than powder one.

It is implicit that with a fresh milk you can obtain a superior quality product.
To make this come true you should have to maintain the milk at 4°C using a milk cooler ->