FG10i (stocked)_1

FG10i (stocked)

FG series


Designed to be used with professional coffee machines, FG series refrigerators carry out the important task of keeping milk at an ideal and constant temperature to preserve all of its organoleptic characteristics. FG1Oi is the most compact model with outer bodywork in plastic- coated sheet metal and brushed stainless steel door with lock and key. The FG12 series has an elegant top-powered model in black color. The FG14 series is the larger capacity model in terms of milk storage.
lt is available in black with embossed finish or in full stainless steel version.

Total volume (Cu. Ft.) 0.3
Net weight (Lbs.) 26.5
Power supply 115Vac - 60Hz (optional 220-240V/50Hz 220V/60Hz )
Overall width (In.) 8 7/8
Overall height (In.) 13 9/16
Overall depth (In.) 18 3/16
Safety lock (standard)
Standard safety lock with key
Safety lock (standard)
Tank (optional)
1 Gallon single tank
Tank (optional)


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