IMREFIXN2-S surface flange 230Vac icemaker_1
IMREFIXN2-S surface flange 230Vac icemaker_2

IMREFIXN2-S surface flange 230Vac icemaker

Icemakers OCX2 series - NEW


The new Icemaker range continues its stainless steel style, using a mechanical ice-making system with a simple design concept. Available in three versions: IMXT and IMHYD which can be connected to the onboard potable water system and IMREF which is fitted with its own internal water reservoir. All models are available with 230Vac, 115Vac and 12Vdc power supply

Total volume (Cu. Ft.) 0.7
Net weight (Lbs.) 57.3
Power supply 230Vac 50Hz
Nominal consumption 140 W (0.90A)
Overall width (In.) 15 1/4
Overall height (In.) 25 1/4
Overall depth (In.) 14 9/16
Ice production Lbs/24h up to 18
Surface Flange
partial built-in with pin lock
Surface Flange
Dual thermostat
Double function thermostat: ice production/maintaining
Dual thermostat
Pin lock
double function pin: total closure and vent position
Pin lock

overall dimension with Surface Flange

IMREFIXN2-S surface flange 230Vac icemaker


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