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IBEX 2021

Have you ever had the need to serve two coffee machines with only one fridge?
With FG20 you can do that!
This model, thanks to its 15L tank and the possibility to have two compartments, can be put between two automatic coffee machines.
This option is also available in other models but with FG20, thanks to its bigger capacity, you can supply big bars, hotels and restaurants without considering to constantly fill the tank with the milk.
Moreover, once you installed the fridge between the two machines, you can save space on the worktop table.
This model is available in three versions:
- FG20i
- FG20i DGT+S
- FG20i DGT+2S

This is the standard version of the fridge with manual thermostat and four holes (two on both sides) in which you can insert milk tubes.

This is the model with digital thermostat, four holes (two on both sides) and 15L tank.
The fridge has a milk level sensor inside the case. This sensor, once the liquid is finished, will warn you to fill the tank.

FG20i DGT+2S
Also this version has a digital thermostat, four holes for milk tubes but it’s different from the previous one because of the dual milk tank (7,5L for each compartment). This one can contain two liquids at the same time.
Moreover the fridge has two milk level sensors that will warn you once the liquids inside the tank will be almost finished.

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