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IBEX 2021

Give to our customer a wide range of options has always been our trademark.
For this reason we are creating more and more all-in-one products with interchangeable recesses.
One of the newest range is CFR, it’s an all-in-one stainless steel range especially suitable for marine market. The product is available in two versions: with remotable unit or with integrated unit.
Here’s 5 reason you should have to buy it:

1) It’s all in one
This range is all-in-one!
You will be able to set any temperature at any time, starting in fridge
mode then switching to freezer mode or vice-versa. Thanks to its new digital
led thermostat, you can set the temperature from +10°C up to -18°C.

2) It has the same size of our icemakers
Are you getting tired of your icemaker and you want to change it?
No problem, new CFR range has the same size of icemakers IM XR OCX2 HYDRO and IM CL OCX2 HYDRO.
In this way you can switch from an icemaker to a all-in-one fridge with no effort.

3) It’s made of 316 stainless steel
CFR range is made with AISI316 stainless steel.
Resistant to bad weather, shiny and with a clean design this is the Vitrifrigo’s trademark from many years.

4) It’available with the remote unit
CFR XR version is available with the remote unit, this will allows you to earn more space.

5) It has a waterproof IP54 led thermostat
All models have a waterproof IP54 led thermostat, this make the product more solid and resistant.

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