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IBEX 2021

R&D has always lead the way in Vitrifrigo.

Every year we create new models or we update the old ones adding important features that makes our products more smart and customizable.

A good example is OCX2 frame that makes the stainless steel range completely new!

Those are the new features:

  • Vent Position
  • Door inside / Door outside
  • Ventilation slots

Vent Position is an innovative technology to refresh the fridge when is not working. This feature will leave the fridge clean and fresh during winter time.

Moreover, OCX2 frame, will give you the possibility to install the fridge both door inside and door outside. This feature will allows you to install the product according to the space available.

Lastly, new ventilation slots on the frame, will allows a better ventilation of the fridge unit and the reduction of problems connected to a bad installation.

Last but not least new squared design will make products more attractive.

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