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IBEX 2021

Vitrifrigo produces high quality long lasting products but they need to be treated properly to work a lot of year at their best.
Hot weather and product’s age can affect the functioning and for this reason is smart to take some precautions.
To avoid the majority of the problems we’ll reveal 8 tips to let your fridge last longer:

1. Before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning operation, disconnect the power plug.
2. Keep ventilation openings free from obstructions.
3. Always carry out the inspections, checks, and scheduled maintenance described in the installation manual.
4. Do not attempt to remove, modify or repair the refrigerator.
5. For any operational problems contact the Vitrifrigo Service Centre closest to you; in any case, request the assistance of a suitably qualified person.
6. The appliance must not be cleaned with a jet of water.
7. The environment in which the appliance is installed must be adequately ventilated if possible.
8. During winter leave the fridge in vent position mode to avoid any bad smell and mold