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316 Stainless steel, resistent to every condition!

There’s a reason why we choose 316 stainless steel for our products, it's the best!
Stainless steel is a metal alloy that is really resistent to corrosion but not all stainless steel are the same.
The most common for goods production are 304 and 306 but, even if they look the same, they have a different chemical composition.
316 stainless steel has more molybdenum (a very hard metal with a high melting point) and nickel than 304 one.
Together and and in a small quantity both nickel and molybdenum have a hardening effect on the stainless steel. In fact those two elements make the 316 stainless steel particularly resistant to corrosion even in aggressive environments (high industrial pollution areas, marine areas etc.).
Since we don’t want to save money affecting the quality of our products, we use 316 on all stainless steel fridges we produce.

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