C39 PV

Glass door refrigerators


The bag-in-box packaging protects the contents from air, light, temperature changes and external agents. It replaces a host of different types of container for liquids in view of its practical use, cost effectiveness, sturdiness, shatterproof qualities, hygiene, eco-friendliness and above all excellent capacity for chilling. The different volumes available have led to the creation of a range able to satisfy a wide variety of different needs and including the “stand alone” and remote installation versions.

Total volume lt 39
Net weight kg 20
Power supply 230Vac
Overall width mm. 390
Overall height mm. 544
Overall depth mm. 415
Bag in Box max capacity (width) mm. 330
Bag in Box max capacity (height) mm. 410
Bag in Box max capacity (depth) mm. 160
Reversible door yes


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