Portable and special installation refrigerators and freezers


The portable and built-in refrigerator and freezers range includes a complete line of por table refrigerators units that can be installed in non standard spaces. Portable refrigerators are available in three different models and volumes. Made of high-strength polyethylene, using a roto-molding system, they offer the best durability and efficiency in an aesthetically pleasing style. These refrigerators can be installed in spaces where standard units will not fit.With features like removable interior bins (BRK 35 and C47) and sliding openings (C33ip) these refrigerators can fit into small or tight compartments.

The new C47 is equipped with the Airlock locking system

Total volume lt 47
Net weight kg. 19
Power supply 12/24Vdc (also available with dual electronic box 12/24Vdc - 100-240Vac 50/60Hz)
Nominal consumption 31W
Overall width mm. 430
Overall height mm. 392
Overall depth mm. 480
Airlock system
Standard equipment (Flush Flange / Surface Flange position)
Airlock system
D power (optional)
12/24Vdc - 100-240Vac 50/60Hz dual electronic control
D power (optional)

overall dimension (without mounting flange)


built-in and overall dimension with mounting flange (optional)



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