FG milk coolers series

3 shelves cup warmer


One of  the most important models in the FG12 series is the FG12iX HiTop, with all-stainless-steel structure, digital thermostat temperature control and cup warmer top for 17 elements. The FG12iX HiTop can be used alongside the CW45 model, which features a structure with the same design and material, creating a cup warmer unit with three shelves for a total of 45 elements.



Net weight kg 11
Power supply 220-240V/50Hz 220V/60Hz (optional 115Vac - 60Hz)
Overall width mm. 189
Overall height mm. 646
Overall depth mm. 400
Reversible door yes
Stainless steel
Completely stainless steel chassis
Stainless steel
Cup Warmer
3 "cup warmer" shelves for 45 units
Cup Warmer


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