Kit MACS 16000

MACS - Air conditioning systems - NEW


Suitable for cooling single or multiple cabins, available in 3 different models from 7.000 to 16.000 Btu/h nominal cooling capacity, the new self-contained system 2020 (compressor, sea water condenser, evaporator and fan) and the new cooling circuit is ideal for all seasons. The comp*2*4672act unit is especially suitable for onboard installations, allowing airflow through insulated ducting and into the conditioned space through air distribution grilles.

Net weight kg 31
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Code 0700-0003
Width mm. 557
Height mm. 340
Depth mm. 349
Air supply diameter mm. 152
Drain hose diameter mm. 18
Electrical box dimension mm. 245 x 188 x 64
Nominal cooling capacity (BTU/h) 16000
Nominal heating capacity (BTU/h) 18000
Nominal power consuption (cool mode) (kW) 1,1
Nominal power consuption (heat mode) (kW) 1,3
Nominal amperage (cooling mode) (A) 5
Nominal amperage (heating mode) (A) 5,5
Air flow (mc/h) 640
Recommended pump flow (l/h) 1500


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