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Kit Man

Special installation refrigerators and freezers


Designed specifically for some types of industrial vehicle, these models are also suited to generic installation. There are seven versions available, with capacities ranging from 25 through to 47 litres. Space inside is divided as a single compartment with fixed or movable partition and ready to use with fridge or fridge-freezer temperatures. There are also two models (BRK35 and C47) with removable container for easier and more practical use.

Total volume lt 70 (max)
Net weight kg. 6
Power supply 12/24Vdc
Nominal consumption 26W
Cooling unit width mm. 310
Cooling unit height mm. 155
Cooling unit depth mm. 150
Evaporator width mm. 330
Evaporator height mm. 215
Evaporator depth mm. 140

overall dimension

Kit Man


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