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ND35 CFS-ND50 CFS cooling units

Cooling units and evaporators


Cooling units can be used to create refrigerator compartments up to 300 It. and freezer compartments up to 100 It All standard cooling units are DC powered and are provided with no refrigerant in the circuit optional units are available, upon request, with quick connect couplings and pre-charged with R134a refrigerant Depending on available power requirements, an AC/DC powered cooling unit is available (12-24/110-240V), using an AC/DC electronic module instead of the DC only module. The copper pipe for connecting the ND35 CFS-ND50 CFS to the keel cooler is 160 cm. long. However, longer pipes are available (see the features and plus section).

This model is suitable for keel cooler condensation. Please read the data sheet in the download section

Standard equipment 12/24Vdc without quick couplings
Optional equipment 12/24Vdc - 100-240Vac 50/60Hz with quick couplings
Width mm. 285
Height mm. 160
Depth mm. 170
available models:
LINESET-1M-PT-Q (1 mt.)
LINESET-3M-PT-Q (3 mt.)
LINESET-4M-PT-Q (4 mt.)
optional for PT, S series and keel coolers


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