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Roadwind 3000

Air conditioners for stationary use

Cab wall positioning model


The new Roadwind 3000 conditioners are one of the ultimate answers to the conditioning needs in the trucks sleeping van.The new compressor allow to use the conditioner during the night time with the engine turned off,always keeping a perfect compromise between wellness and low power consumption. The most reduced dimension of the condensing unit, made possible its installation, on the cab wall, on the roof and on the bottom of the cab.


The installation is made easier thanks to the new connections with flexible copper and stainless steel antivibrations pipe (2 meters long), which, together with the easy quick couplings, assure safety, fast installation and quality of resistance. Moreover, Vitrifrigo is the only company present on the market to supply the conditioning system complete with precharge in each component.

Evaporating unit: placed on the back wall, allows to refresh the cabin, optimizing the sleeping van conditioning.

External condensing unit: Suitably planned for the installation on the cabin rear, thanks to its reduced dimension, it's the most compact condensing unit actually present on the market.





Power supply 24Vdc
Evaporating unit weight Kg. 6
Evaporating unit width mm. 560
Evaporating unit height mm. 250
Evaporating unit depth mm. 110
External condensing unit weight Kg. 19
External condensing unit width mm. 555
External condensing unit height mm. 335
External condensing unit depth mm. 190
Max cooling capacity BTU/h 3000
Refrigerant gas R134A
LCD control panel
allows to check:

Ambient temperature
Switch off timer (0/360 minutes)
Compressor state (ON/OFF)
Ventilation setting on 4 levels
Temperature setting
Battery saving function
LCD control panel
Remote control
Performs all panel function, except for those of programming
Remote control
Air openings
The air flow is provided by adjustable air openings
Air openings

Roadwind 3000


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