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VRL - VAG Refrigeration Laboratory

VAG inaugurates a unique laboratory in Europe.

Alceste Vitri: “Businesses need working minds, not only working hands.”

VALLEFOGLIA – VAG - Vitri Alceste Group has inaugurated the VRL laboratory  (VAG Refrigeration Laboratory), a cutting-edge technological centre in Europe for research and development in the field of refrigeration. There is no other European technology hub that concentrates all its activities in one location like VRL. “This is a real research centre that helps the company and our partners to develop and test increasingly innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions - said Alceste Vitri during the round table attended by Prof. Sauro Longhi, Magnificent Rector of the Polytechnic University of Le Marche and Attorney Salvatore Giordano, General Manager of Confindustria Marche Nord. “It would be reductive to merely call it a laboratory. Here certifications relating to products are not simply released, although it is important to be accredited and therefore ‘confirmed’ as a serious, independent company, with accurate measurements” - he added. The inauguration of the highly advanced laboratory designed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Le Marche and certified by Accredia, the Italian accreditation body, makes it possible to carry out all the efficiency tests concerning systems and refrigeration, whether they are in the design phase or if they are manufactured and marketed by the VAG group as well as if they are third-party companies that send their products to carry out analysis and to obtain certification. Working in the VRL laboratory are 15 engineers and technicians that carry out 750 tests per year, simulating every environmental condition with a test temperature from -45 to +55 degrees. “Vitri Alceste Group has once again taken up the challenge of sustainable innovation based on advanced technology to offer high reliability and it makes it available to the industries of Le Marche, as well as those of Italy and beyond - Mr. Giordano added - responding to the need for eco-sustainable design and manufacture that looks to the future. We need to have enlightened entrepreneurs like Alceste Vitri who guarantee development, work, innovation.” “The solutions are found through knowledge - added Rector Longhi - and good collaborators are those who have the ability to follow their own intuitions through knowledge, finding the best environment for expressing themselves.” The design of the laboratory, which required over 4 years of work, allows VAG to become a manufacturer-creator, having placed their bets even more on innovation.”- Vitri concluded.