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Minibar a compresor C115i

Minibar a compresor


A full range of compressor-operated minibars for offices, conference rooms or meeting rooms. Top-quality refrigerators with wide range for customisation and able to be installed either built in or free standing. Available in three versions: INTERIOR: a wide range of minibars for free standing or built-in installation with or without sliding hinge. GLASS: a range of showcase fridges with fully transparent glass door and new LED lighting inside to create a truly eye-catching style effect that will also encourage consumption. BOX: top-loading refrigerator for built-in installation in any compartment. Totally relaxed use, always within arm's reach.

Capacidad total litros 115
Capacidad freezer litros 17,1
Peso neto Kg. 28
Alimentación 230Vac
Anchura total mm. 525
Altura total mm. 764
Profundidad total mm. 575
Clase energética F
Color panel negro
Puerta Con paneles
Consumo 0,321 kW/24h
Puerta reversible si
Balconcillo (estándar)
Balconcillo porta bebidas para botellas de 1,5 litros (máx)
Balconcillo (estándar)
Luz LED (estándar)
Innovador sistema de iluminación potenciada a LED
Luz LED (estándar)
Porta Paneles (estándar)
fácil personalización de la puerta del frigorífico (bajo pedido)
Porta Paneles (estándar)
Versión Blanca (bajo pedido)
Este modelo está disponible además en color blanco
Versión Blanca (bajo pedido)


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