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IBEX 2021

Milk coolers are workhorses for Vitrifrigo, if you find a superautomatic coffee machines around the world it will probably have our fridge beside.
The range is wide and includes milk coolers that can contain 4, 7, 9 and 15 L of milk inside.
According to the new gas law, every product has a R600 natural gas compressor, this will impact 430 times less than the standards of Horeca market.
FG10 is the best seller, it’s sold with the standard black door but it’s also available in stainless steel version.
The door of the product has a lock and, inside the fridge, you can find a 4L transparent milk container. This model is perfect for small offices in which the daily need of beverage is approximately 100 cups.
FG10i is available in 5 versions:
- FG10i
- FG10i DGT
- FG10i DGT+S
- FG10i DGT Chill & Cupwarmer
- FG10i DGT+S Chill & Cupwarmer

It’s the basic model, equipped with manual thermostat, lock and three holes for milk tubes.
Inside there’s a 4L transparent milk tank.

It’s the intermediate product with digital thermostat, two lateral holes and milk temperature sensor.
Even in this case there’s a 4L milk tank inside.

This model is like the previous one with only one difference, it has the milk level sensor integrated in the case. This sensor, once the liquid is finished, will warn you to fill the tank.

FG10i DGT Chill & Cupwarmer
The Chill & Cupwarmer model is the FG’s high end version. It’s a milk cooler with digital display and cupwarmer on the top.
Even in this case there’s a milk temperature sensor and it’s possible to connect the product to a superautomatic coffee machine through two holes on the sides.

FG10i DGT+S Chill & Cupwarmer
Compared to the previous model, this one has the milk level sensor.
Once the liquid in the tank it’s finished, the fridge will beep to point out the lack of milk.
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